Boxing Day

As every parent knows, Boxing Day was invented by parents suffering from Xmasitis. Each year, we look forward longingly to this wonderous day, the one day of the year where Xmas is the furthest away……

We desperately try to fool ourselves that the kids are worn out from Christmas Day and will let us sleep in. When sunup arrives and the precious little bastards are awake and as full of energy as ever, we try to convince ourselves AND THEM that the prezzies they got the day before are exciting enough to keep them occupied for a few more hours until mummys hangover has subsided somewhat. We try to coax them into forraging in the fridge themselves for leftovers for breakfast (shaddup – one day a year this is ok) instead of having mummy get up and cook pancakes. (sooooo not going to happen)

So after trying to stay in bed past 8am, just once godammit, I gave up, and gave in.

Bugalugs and I headed to my favourite place, the beach. He took buckets, spades, and bread for feeding the seagulls. I took a big fat book. It was lovely. Lovely lovely lovely. Dickhead was supposed to try and come with us, but work issues kept him in sydney. Well, he does have to eaarn enough to buy me all the coffee i need, after all! As we realised today, ive never actually bought him one. Not once. Ever. Poor baby.



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