Boxing Day +1

Because really, this is just another day off, if you dont go to the sales.

And really, wtf am i going to do there? Besides collapse? Im really just not built for that shit this year. And really, if I bought all that crap, when would I use it?

My aunt (from the xmas day post) rang to see if i was the lucky lady reported in the paper that was getting a $375K car in her garage xmas morning. She had just discovered that the 1 and only mercedes that i like (an SL 65 AMG for those of you playing at home – in WHITE please for those of you feeling generous *grin*) costs almost exactly that. She couldnt remember what car it was (she thought it was a porche – “she just wants me for my body”***) but just thought shed call – from the mid nth coast – to check. bless.

So bugalugs and I took off up the mountains to visit friends for the belated xmas thing. We took Bells Line home and swung through windsor/richmond to visit other rellos on the way home. Fuck me those bushfires really took out some country! Bugalugs thought Dickhead would have been in paradise with all those broken trees that he thought needed cutting down. Dickhead would too, if he’d get paid! But alas.


 So because those  kilometres werent enough for me to drive, we swung past home again, and grabbed our swimmers, and headed to the central coast, to one of my 2 favourite beaches (right next to each other) that hold much sentimental value to me and Bugalugs. He was most excited and facsinated to watch 3 huge container ships make their labourious journey northwards. It was a very slow race, but over a few hours, we had a winner. LOL


So 11hrs and 658.4kms after leaving home that morning, a very tired Honey and bugalugs returned home. And in a rare display of reality, seeing as being recognised wont matter much longer, heres me in bed (not so scary to wake up next to after all, am i? lol), and bugalugs crashed on the lounge. And no, he hasnt been posed. He often sleeps like that. kiff little bugger that he is.


 bugalugs sleeping

***Bonus points to the 1st to identify my favourite line in that movie

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