And so, today.

Dickhead and I got into an argument, because something I said I’d do, had a hiccup. Im furious. Sick. And more than a little disheartened. Actually, we had a blue last night, and this morning, and a few throughout the day.

The day he spent with me.

The three of us hung out, had coffe, stuffed around, made some repairs to his new car, a supercharged VY commodore (pic of both it, and mine, comming to a blog near you…..) We had coffee (bugalugs had his babychino as per usual, and then half of mine too. To make up for his new rims being unavailable – their actually the rims off my old VY SS, and their at MrB’s house, who was going to roll the guards and fit the wheels today, but was taken to hospital with food poisoning and so it was delayed. Dickhead is shitty coz so much of what I do fucks up like this and it infuriates him (can i help it if im retarded?). So seeing as 2 tyres were illegally low on tread, I bought him 2 new ones and an alignment, as a stop gap measure, and to be nice to him and try to make up for yet another fuckup on my behalf. He was grumpy though. But maybe that wasnt helped by me calling 2 minutes after placating him with that offer and saying i might have to cancel THAT too. The one bank account I have the keycard to (i dont own credit cards, and im notorious for misplacing all my debit cards – sometimes even all at once) had only $200. Tranferring more would mean using internet banking as the bulk of my cash is with a different bank, and would take 24hrs. So after being yelled at (predictably) I made calls, hunted through the house (to no avail, i never carry cash and still no clue where the other cards are) I called in on a couple of people and got and extra $180. Not much, but enough! So I called him back, told him id fixed it (legend that I am) and booked him in.

Dickhead wont admit it, and will still complain, but I think im a pretty kick arse girlfriend.

Oh, I even offered to buy him lunch to make up for being pissed off at him when he yelled at me, but he wasnt hungry.

So after much stuffing around he has 2 new tyres, and his car drives a hellalot straighter now. (still not good enough for lil miss fussy though, hurry up and get better Mr B!) NB newcomers, MrB owns a tyre/wheel store. I never EVER pay retail, and only ever get the very best service and repairs. This “normal” way SUCKS ARSE. Condolences to all who dont have their own MrB like me!

So tomorrow Dickhead comes up again, spending the morning with me, and will be having brekky with us. I have booked him in to get a new sound system (i hate fitting amps – remember LAST time i installed his? that bitch of a beamer of his electrocuted me!) so their just running the wiring, and ill issue Dickhead with instructions as to how to do the rest. Hes just faster than me at screwing things. Yes that lame arsed double entendre is true both ways of looking at it.

Again, how kick arse a girlfriend am i????? LMAO

His suggestions for NYE however are really not so nice. I was really hoping to see A new year in with him. Last year we were apart too. He in bathurst, me in oberon with the annual BOYS festival (which im going to miss this year for many reasons) But he has something family related he cant get out of. Although he has asked that I try to change my plans of going to Canberra, and instead move them to my house. That way if he can sneak away, we’ll actually get the chance to do the NYE thing together.

And to be honest, id really, really, REALLY like to do that.


On to happier things. Or stanger things. Ah fuck it, just OTHER things yeah? Before I get all teary eyed again.

THIS is a picture of the local grassed area after the storm we got this afternoon. Yes, GRASSED area. You cant really see too well (damn shitty loan fone) but that waters moving FAST i tells ya. It was a pretty awesome sight.



By the way….

in case your wondering why the sudden influx of posts? Im trying to distract myself. Yes Yes I Know I Know, usually I distract myself with a cock (or two….) but its not really appropriate here.

This afternoon I had a few missed calls while on the fone to dickhead and another friend. Just my parents so i ignored them thinking id call them later. Propbably some shit about when I wa going to come pick up the toys bugalugs left there I thought. But when my boys started txting me “URGENT. CALL YOUR MUM. NOW.” Well, I got worried (partway through leaving a voicemail msg for Dickhead no less) I called. My littlest sister (the one i like, and like ALOT) had been involved in an accident. She had been rushed to hospital. Mum and Dad were on their way to Katoomba. Despite the heavy rain. I braved the treacherous conditions and drove up the mountains too. Im sitting here now, waiting. I hate Hate HATE hospitals. The waiting is the worst bit. Suspected Spinal Injury. I dinnae like those words being uttered. Wont Know For Sure Until. Ive heard them ones too. Hesitate to Speculate at This Point. no no no no no no no.

Shes only 19. She did her HSC last year and aced it in the high 90’s for her TER. Her live in boyfriend and her are packing to move to the nth shore in 3 weeks, seeing as their year off is over and Uni starts this year. They just bought a car together. 

no no no no no no no.

if theres anyone up there. if they bother to listen. hear this:

you can stop being such a cunt now, motherfucker.

no really, you can.

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