Christmas Eve (take II)

So after decorating the house it was off to Christmas Dinner #1 at my parents place with my younger sister. This is the older of my 2 little sisters, and the one I dont like.

“Why so Honey?” I hear you ask.

Well, this precocious little twat is a LAZY ARSED SELFISH FUCKER. Let me elaborate. For starters, my $280 gift that I knew she had wanted for ages was reciprocated with a $10 Coles Myer Gift Voucher. mmm hmm. Thanks lil sis. Feel the love. This from a girl who recently rented out her 6th floor single bedroom unit in milsons point, because she has just bought a 3br one on the 12th floor in a complex at St Leonards. The milsons point one is right at the harbour bridge, a 1 minute walk from Milsons Point Train Station. Why did she move 2 weeks ago? Because THE FIREWORKS ARE TOO LOUD. sheesh. She has one of the best views of the harbour and the display that there is, from the comfort of her home, and she chooses to move 3.5 weeks before NYE? Poor baby. Oh, thats not the only reason. Aparrently the tugboats toot their horn at 3am sometimes. sigh. What a hard life that 24yr old has huh.

So this being the 2nd Xmas meal I had had to prepare, I was glad when it was over.

Dickhead came round after Bugalugs went to sleep and helped me wrap santa presents. Or rather, was supposed to. Eventually he wrapped 4, yes FOUR (out of a bazillion – sooooo helpful he is) at around 12pm. This may or may not have been after distracting me for a while before hand. Note to self: next time, wrap FIRST, play LATER. Oh yeah, and I thought being told I have lovely soft hair was the most bizzare comment id heard while blowing a guy. But no. Fucking Dickhead was heard to utter mid blow job in his arabic accent on xmas eve whilst Miracle on 34th Street was on tv as to why he wasnt participating…… “I want to see how Santa gets the reindeer to fly”.

That was THE WTF moment of Xmas I reckon. He can be such a fucking smart arse.

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3 Comments on “Christmas Eve (take II)”

  1. miss_sweets Says:

    that is so funny – definitely the best WTF line of any blowjob ever!

  2. Scorpy Says:

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh but it just slipped out….did you bite him or worse just stop mid BJ…guys hate that 😉

  3. huniii Says:

    he wins many an award for smart arsed comments does my dickhead. ah, muslims, christmas and sex – what better combination is there for hilarity to ensue?
    NOTE: any sitcom that appears next season based on this premise owes me money! Your all my witnesses!!!

    Baby things arent supposed to “slip out” if your doing it properly….. sorry darln, couldnt resist! No, i didnt bite him – but i did pause and piss myself laughing. And Id NEVER stop mid BJ – I like it too much! Dickhead is a very happy man. His girlfriend is constantly asking to blow him. Its one thing he KNOWS he’ll never be denied. What guy doesnt want to be able to claim that? (and have it be TRUE)

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