We interrupt this blog for a public service announcement

Sorry for the mini break but ive been busy

lets just say the Dickhead saga has been like an episode of the Bold and the Beautiful

and my debaucherousness culminated in a MFM threesome last night.

as you can imagine, im tired but happy

normal blogging will resume shortly when many a good tale

have fun (but not as much as me)


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5 Comments on “We interrupt this blog for a public service announcement”

  1. SurferCam Says:

    I think we need to hear ALL about this!

  2. miss_sweets Says:

    oh la la, indeed!

  3. Scorpy Says:

    Damn…and I have been sitting back feeling sorry for you when you’ve been having a ball 😉

  4. huniii Says:

    ask nicely and i just may tell

    oh fuck yeah!

    well, someone has to have one! might as well be me!

  5. SurferCam Says:

    Pretty please with sugar on top!

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