Things here are crazy. I want to blog so much, but time is an issue.

I dont care that I shouldnt be worrying about blogging. I am. It makes me feel better.

Yes I do realise that posts like the last one (which has a part 2 brewing as we speak) are really best kept private, and I dont give a fuck. Yes I am aware that airing that stuff makes me look even MORE retarded. Again, I dont give a fuck.

Blogging is helping to lift the weight from my heart, and loosen the knot in my stomach. Its like vaccuming for my brain.  Its spring cleaning for my soul.

No-one is making you read my shit. Its the same shit ive been saying since I had 0 readers on this blog (although there have been other, different blogs).

I used to write a journal whenever things got too much for me. No one ever read it. But it made ME feel better. Somehow, writing in public like this is even better, because people do read it and I know that.

But at the end of the day, its still done with me in mind.

Hell, SOMEONE has to worry about me. And I am the queen of worriers after all, so who better?

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3 Comments on “Well….”

  1. Scorpy Says:

    I love the idea of a blog as somewhere to vent. Mine started of full of anger, depression and a good measure of drug induced stupidity…Look at me today…well at least the depression and anger have gone LOL. hey ,when your next in Hospital maybe you could look Steph up…she’ll be the one chatting up the male nurses and Doctors 🙂

  2. SurferCam Says:

    Blog away Honey, blog away.

  3. huniii Says:

    theres none perve worthy. trust me. i looked *grin*

    I will, darl, i will!

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