Points of Order

1. Email account is overflowing. Shaddup. Im getting to you. I just get tired quickly and umm, HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO!! To be honest, im only bothering with who i feel like right now. Bore me and ill bin you. word.

2. The link in the last post was to     www.prontocondoms.co.za   its NOT about toys stephs. Its way more fun than that.

3. I forget the third one. Im tired. Night.

ps hello all the new peeps from tephs blog!

pps thanks tephs, my statcounter blew a gasket. you sen over more people in one day than even TSSH managed. HAHAHA those TSSH bitches got OWNED by someone they snarked.


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10 Comments on “Points of Order”

  1. mmqc Says:

    Those things are COOL! They make a good noise too. I’m all about the good clicky noises.

  2. DIAMONDKT Says:

    Hey, what’s up? I was reading Steph’s blog and came across the link to your blog…and then it hit me – that’s Hunii! There she is. Awhile back I had you linked on my blog and shortened my link list and in the process your site got lost in cyberspace. So now that I know you are still alive and kicking, I may have to link to you again. This time I won’t lose you.

  3. huniii Says:

    welcome. and yeah, the clicky clicky is part of the fun!

    so all our emails meant nothing to you? *sniff*
    and im going with the assumption that “alive & kicking” was sposed to be humourous. i wasnt sure…..

  4. John S. Says:

    when steph featured me my hits exploded and my life has never really been the same.

    now tell me, when/why where you “snarked*”?

    *I hate that word!

  5. steph Says:

    I sent you more hits than TSSH? Oh fuck! I’m gonna cry! You just made my day.

  6. aurelius Says:

    Steph, you’re a bloody cry-baby all of a sudden! Get it together girl!

  7. Scorpy Says:

    Huniii…Don’t encourage Steph…She is a STAT PIMP and you are only encouraging her LOL 🙂

  8. steph Says:

    Aint nuffin wrong with bein a stat-HO. 😛 I gotta get my cheap thrills where i can.

  9. lori Says:

    have you seen the news article about the spray on condoms 😛

    should try that one day.

  10. huniii Says:

    John S
    Twas a few months ago on The Spin Starts Here. Twas in relation to Imelda Loves Shoes. They thought I was defending her, but in actual fact, my post had nothing to do with Imelda, but another bloggy friend of mine. Twats. Such witty commentary from the site included the idea that I was going to kill isreali children. Sigh.


    Just coz your an blunt, unfeeling, harsh bastard. btw, care package #3 needs your new addy. no letting Ant-whatshername pinch the chokky

    So long as I get a cut from her working on my corner, its all good

    cheap? wash your mouth out

    Id be too busy spraying everything in sight! Any volunteers????

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