Someone Slap This Bitch

There is a girl out there somewhere who needs help.

Let me demonstrate.

THIS is the email that I got on Monday. (identities changed to protect… well… to protect ME really, from receiving abusive emails) Please, restrain yourselves.

From :  FUCKWITS REAL NAME HERE<itallionstallion699@*******.com>
Sent :  Monday, 27 November 2006 1:20:57 PM
Subject :  Good news!!

To all my horny friends;
I have finally decided to ask my beautiful, sweet angel to marry me. I have put my heart on my sleeve and asked her saturday night.
We have set a date and the wedding is november, 2007 also there is a little INSERT FUCKWITS REAL NAME HERE on the way.
So any lonely ladies out there who would like to have a final go with the italian stallion, ring me.
my new number is 0416 *** 533
Look forward to hearing from you xxxx

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8 Comments on “Someone Slap This Bitch”

  1. SurferCam Says:

    Guys like that idiot give ‘guys’ a bad name.
    What a moron.

  2. huniii Says:

    And this retard wasnt even the worst Ive had the displeasure to come across.

    I just hope his “beautiful, sweet angel” googles his nickname and finds it.

    If you did sweetheart, email me. Ill forward the original. Then you can print it out and make the fucker take it up the arse.

  3. homo escapeons Says:

    Little bastard’s nadgers and winkie should be ground up and mixed in with some burley..then he should be made to watch the remnants of his old chums get tossed overboard and devoured bya maneater. That’s poetic justice…and since it could be considered recycling it is also environmentally friendly.

    Thank goodness there aren’t many guys left who think like that.

  4. Oh she does need help. Sad cow.

  5. miss_sweets Says:

    Wow, that is crazy!

  6. I’m soooo using that email

  7. huniii Says:

    im glad you commented just so i can call you homo! Actually, there are surprisingly many like that. and at least half the ones who arent have a desire to piss on you or summin during sex. but what ya gunna do? (besides change your number and have a strong urge to shower)

    Girl Like Me
    Lots. And dont be mean to cows. lol

    crazy? moi? NEVAH!

    Rusty Coathanger
    Stop trying to pretend it wasnt you to begin with

  8. aurelius Says:

    Hun, can I have his number? He sounds hot!

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