Back to the Crap

For the past few days I have been spinning out friends with THIS.

Go watch it.

Every single person has just said “no way!”

I want a box just to play with. They are so cool. If anyone else wants some, let me know. R58 for a pack of 9, which translates to about AUD10.

Steph darl, perhaps your toy collection could come in handy for this?

Or is there a bunch of men we can line up?

It reminds me when I lived with my girlfriend, and we used to put glow in the dark condoms on all the bananas in the fruit bowl.

It used to freak out the randoms we took home for a shag when theyd walk into the kitchen to get a drink.

Its just not what youd expect to see fruit wearing. Well, not in any OTHER house. 

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6 Comments on “Back to the Crap”

  1. iain Says:


    my how much easier my sex life be.. that whole condom putting on thing is always so awkward! especially if your not familiar with the random you happend to bring home!! :O

    Do they accept orders in the 1,000s? … hrmm.. maybe thats a little ambitious 😉


  2. huniii Says:

    And OMG I know! They just look too cool for school!
    Every Santa Sack should have one
    (crap attempt at pun wasnt intended – even im not THAT lame)

  3. steph Says:

    Can’t be doin no more toys. I dinnae have the room anymore. *cries*

  4. treespotter Says:

    sometimes i really think that the entire mankind are so simply totally disillusioned about the other kind, we’re just getting it wrong. all the time.

  5. coyotemike Says:

    Steph sent me over to make you laugh, but I’m still not going to show anyone my penis.

    I tried clicking the link,but it did nothing. But if you are looking for a lineup of men to do the job similar to steph’s toys, I volunteer. OOH OOH Pick ME!!!

    Hugs and Hope from a new friend.

  6. huniii Says:

    stop showing your slackness. it aint about TOYS, its this brilliant new condom. check it. NOW.

    huh? the who did what now?

    oh. but i like penises. even the funny looking ones. seems dying and shit makes the men come out of the woodwork wanting a final hurrah (or a first one, either/or)
    And thx, i like hugs, even if the hope bit was fekkin pointless! LOL

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