Im still here

things are….. well…. things

Dickhead and I have split. finito. all over red rover. the fat lady sang.

my cancer has decided to be a bitch like me, and not die, the little fucker. things dont look good there right now

bugalugs has some issues. ive not mentioned them coz this is not a “family” blog (never mind family-friendly)

some of my friends have displayed their true colours. those colours are black, with a hint of blood red.

there is much going on. i will blog it. i need to. but right now, what i need more….

is to cry

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2 Comments on “Im still here”

  1. Indiana Says:

    It really sucks when you learn that some friends are of the fair weather variety, or worse the blood sucking back stabbing type.

  2. MikeFitz Says:

    It’s hard to know what to say when a cry is right, and many of us are holding back, saying nothing.

    But Huniii, when you finish crying, just remember, your blogging fans still love you.

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