1 seriously fucked up car needing new front bar, bonnet, 2 guards, drivers door, rear quarter, radiator, support, misc small items, and bent chassi with no rego, to seriously deluded wanker at 11.30pm (ie DARK) who didnt bring a torch for $500 more than it was worth, and who brought 3 male friends as backup to the home of a single mum. (coz I might rip him off or summin?)

Le sigh.

Sometimes things work out not so terrible.

Except poor bugalugs, I promised he could say goodbye to the car before I sold it, so he had to be woken when i remembered said promise as it was loaded onto a trailer. Poor sleepy little bugger, he got upset. Which made me upset. Hes been through alot, worrying about his mum, and worrying about the car.

Funnily enough, despite it being the first car i’d ever bought by myself (and now the first car ive sold by myself) I didnt feel anything. That car has memories…..

Like paddock bashing it on the day i bought it (i was dared to chase a cat by my bestie) and getting it lodged on a log, and having to ring the guys to come lift the front end off it…. you try explaining that one! lol

Like having a friend drive it home from the beach so the bf and i could get our freak on in the back seat, and let me tell ya, in an excel, at 140km/hr with truckies honking their horns in appreciation, its an experience I can tell ya! (and not much room either)

Like having it stolen from my driveway and parked at the local train station AND HAVING THE CLUB LOCK PUT ON IT FOR ME.

Like having it stolen from my mums house and finding it parked in my garage at home….. try explaining that to the cops

Like having your bestie ask if you think you can make it to the local shops before they shut in 10 minutes time so she can buy new tunes, and having an unmarked cop pull you over and say hed never had to try so hard to catch an EXCEL before. (168 in a 60 zone will do that to ya when your parked in a side street, mate)

Le sigh, good times…….

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