Last weekend, my boys and I had a big night.

At the beginning of it (ie: before the bazillionth alcoholic beverage was consumed) one of them hired TSOTSI. Id been wanting to see it since I heard about it, but no-one I know likes subtitles (and this isnt exactly a movie id need them for).

It was very thoughtful. The movie was good. There were a couple of very subtle points that I had forgotten about.

All was going along swimmingly until they decided to turn OFF the subtitles, and not manage to turn them back on.

So for the last 20 mins or so, I had to translate EVERY FUCKING WORD.

Which seeing as beer was flowing, each word needed repeating about 5 times. And that was just so I could hear it, let alone impart the translation to the addled brains surrounding me!

As the final credits rolled, my boys decided to *cough* dance *cough* to the soundtrack.


uncoordinated spastics, every single one.

***side note: all laughing at them became sucking up when my brand new prezzie from one of them ended up lost in the pool. diamonds are a girls best friend, and id been ooh-ing and aah-ing all day, punctuating every conversation with “oh look, purdy shiny thing around my neck”. May I suggest you not get into the pool nekkid with your friends at 3am after alot of booze and have a play fight whilst wearing carrots of the non-bunny variety? Just FYI……..

Theres been alot going on back home, and ive gotten heaps of calls and emails etc lately. And that movie. And what tomorrow is. It all makes me want to be home.

But then those things in themselves remind me what home is like.

And although it will always have my heart and soul, it no longer has my life.

And thats sad.

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