Ebay – Gathering Place For The Communication-Challenged

So my smash-rattled brain came up with the “brilliant” idea of flogging my car on Ebay. The bitch is sitting in my driveway slowly rusting & causing passer-by’s to nearly have their own smashes rubbernecking as the local bogans are apt to do.

So please excuse my sarcastic response, but I think i showed great restraint in answering this fucktard, when the original ad specified that the engine will still run (although i wont be showing it unless your a serious buyer with the hard cash right here right now, because the radiator has about 2ml in it).

Excerpt from Ebays Question and Answer section:

Q: Was it going when you pranged it. Whats the reserve?
A: No. It wasnt going when i drove it up someones arse. Silly question. The reserve is private on ebay for a reason. Your welcome to make an offer
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4 Comments on “Ebay – Gathering Place For The Communication-Challenged”

  1. steph Says:

    Holy shite! Are you ok?
    Fucken hell you have THE worst luck of anyone i know.

  2. huniii Says:

    Thanks for your concern, im ok. Or at least I will be. Slight fracture of a rib, lots of bruising, sprained wrist…..

    Only thing I give a fuck about is the fact that im not supposed to stress, or have chest trauma coz of the cancer…. I see my specialist on monday……

    Oh, that and the fact that as I am a fucking retarded fucktard, i had allowed things to lapse, meaning IM NOT INSURED.

    Not even 3rd Party Property.

    However, I managed to avoid the 7 series bmw on my left, so thats a bonus….. I think

  3. steph Says:

    Fuckin hell!!
    You so killed a Chinaman in your past life. I hope you get it all sorted. Good luck with the docs too.

  4. huniii Says:

    In a moment of drunken stupidity, I agreed to take Osama Bin Laden’s Karma.
    And you thought YOU did dumb things under the influence!

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