And Here I Was, This Whole Time, Thinking We Were Chatting, When Really, It Was A Blog Post (a.k.a. My Post With The Longest Title In Living History)

MSN Tonight…..

Aurelius: I can recognise a wanker when i see one, and you’ve been clocked. – you are a lovely wordsmith
Honey:  lmao, yeah, i can hear your sarcasm from here
Aurelius:  no, none at all
Honey:  really? coz everyone says i write like shit lol
Aurelius:  sure, it’s not “pointy point” but i love it – you’ve been clocked
Honey:  well the fucker has. he does this shit too much.
Aurelius:  i dont care if you get a nobel prize for literature my dear, pointy point will remain your high-point
Honey:  and i hate that we were claled idiots, and the freaking media doesnt pick up on that. it makes us LOOK LIKE THE IDIOTS HE CALLED US. fuckers.
Honey:  ive said pointy point for years. its just part of my vocab
Aurelius:   you are becoming a preacher for moderate islam my dear
Honey:  no, i am as always, a preacher for KNOWLEDGE. and if people THOUGHT about shit, and looked into it themselves, theyd see that the media are more full of propoganda than the preachers themselves
Aurelius:  you know, for a bogan westy (INSERT MY HOME TOWN HERE) chickie, you’re pretty cluey….
Honey:  i simply find myself defending not only (DICKHEADS REAL NAME), but my intelligence for dating him
Honey:  this conv is fast becoming blog fodder, you know that right?
Aurelius:  is it?
Honey:  i keep telln yaz, im smart, llike
Honey:  i hate that the fact that i date a muslim, means i am a poster child for the brainwashed. that i have to defend him, and my being with him, my intelligence for dating him, as well as my ability to keep my ability to make my own decisions, and that any jokes made are laced with malice
Honey:  and any problem i have, i get slammed as being an idiot in the first place for dating a leb/muslim/arab
Honey:  why is it his culture, and not the fact that he is a dickhead?

It summed things up perfectly, I thought.

So tell me, why when Dickhead does something stupid/insensitive/annoying/that i bitch about/inerrantly male do some people feel the need to say “well Honey, thats what you get for dating a leb/muslim/arab”

Is that all he is?

Is all I am a woman dating that?

Do you think he was one of THOSE leb/muslim/arab men that I would care for him like I do?

Just how stupid do you think I am?


maybe dont answer that last one……..

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3 Comments on “And Here I Was, This Whole Time, Thinking We Were Chatting, When Really, It Was A Blog Post (a.k.a. My Post With The Longest Title In Living History)”

  1. Aurelius Says:

    This post needs an illustration Hun – show me the shirt!

  2. steph Says:

    I dated a muslim guy once. Yep he was an arsehole, but not in a religious way. Hahaha.
    The thing that struck me was everyone telling me, “you’re wasting your time. He’d never marry a non muslim, Aussie chick”. Well fuck! Who said anything about marriage!!!

    He had hot lips and a great tan, awesome shag too.
    The only time religion came up was when he was fasting .

  3. huniii Says:

    im getting to that, babe. you know me and technology

    You sure that wasnt Dickhead?
    My bestie went one further and bought me the movie “not without my daughter” in an attemp to scare me off.

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