Accountants Aren’t Dull, Mang!!1!

I needed Dickhead’s postcode, so I rang him quickly, asked, he told me, and I hung up. Cooking dinner for Bugalugs at the same time as doing some work, I didnt have the time to chat just then.

FYI – On Monday, (after delaying it from sunday like i was originally told) he was supposed to bring his boys up and get rid of that tree from my yard like he said he would IN JANUARY, but shit hit the fan, and it didnt happen.

Soon after Id hung up, an sms conversation ensued. Ive transcribed it here, now dont say ud accountants are boring, we go off!

Fo’ sho’ mo’fo’s!

Dickhead: Y did u want post code?

Honey: I need it 2 serve u with ur summons

Dickhead: Huh?

Honey: well u get a summons when someone sues u, dont u?

Dickhead: Wat u on about. Y r u sueing me?

Honey: or specific performance of boyfriend-ish duties. Coz it looks like the only way im gunna get u 2 do things

Dickhead: Hahaha. Really. Wat r u after?

Honey: Everything

Dickhead: Ok. Wats the real reason?

Honey: Coz numbers make me horny. Thats y im an accountant. I was getting you to talk dirty 2 me

Dickhead: Ok. I had my suspicions.

Honey: Keep going babe, im getting close…..


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