Anger Management Issues

Right now, I am extremely pissed off.

Angry, dissapointed, and feeling really crap & sick of the shit.

I feel used. I feel taken advantage of. I feel played for a fool. And although I know thats not that persons intent, it doesnt stop me feeling that way.

I have a task I promised to do for them. Doing it will be great for them, not doing it will cause them harm. They are counting on me to keep my word.

I dont want to.

I dont want to do it. I dont want them to get the help, when they are the cause of me feeling so shit.

I normally would do it no question, regardless of whether it helped them, solely for the purpose of ensuring I didnt have to feel guilty for not doing something.

Because guilt is something I just do not cope with, AT ALL.

But this time, I dont think I would feel guilty for letting them down.

They have let me down. I want them to know how much they have hurt, upset and angered me. I want them to suffer, as they have made me suffer. To know how it feels, in order to be certain they would never do this to me again.

Thats how bad I feel. This is not like me. And I dont care. Which is even more not like me.

What is going on?

And more importantly, what should I do?

Do I punish them in order for them to realise the scope and severity, and that there are repercussions from their behaviour that not only I, but they too, must deal with?

Or do I go ahead, swallow the bitter pill, keep my word, and possibly salvage whatever is left afterwards, ensuring they are aware of the enormity of my good will towards them?

What to do, what to do?

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2 Comments on “Anger Management Issues”

  1. treespotter Says:

    don’t get mad, get even.

    it’s healthy sometimes

  2. huniii Says:

    how come i suddenly feel like an ant eater in a holeproof commercial?

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