In Short

  • Bugalugs is now 6
  • Ramadan is over
  • Dickhead is a dickhead, and today he was hilarious
  • someone hit my blog by searching “how to stick your cock in her”
  • a crappy celebrity called their kid the same name as bugalugs, and has bogan-ified it so badly that i literally saw 20 iq points fall out his head this morning
  • i have made many people laugh recently
  • NOT being poked and prodded by sadistic doctors ROCKS
  • my head is a mess
  • i have so much shit going on i cant handle it
  • if your any good at admin and bookkeeping, or especially personal tax, i soooooo have work for you!!!
  • without even asking for it (but knowing i really REALLY need to) i have scored heaps of extra work. yippee!
  • finding $36K in 9 days is JUST NOT POSSIBLE
  • clients who owe you a fortune and ask to pay you $50/week are C**TS
  • clients who owe me money have FUCK ALL CHANCE of their BAS’ being submitted until they pay me
  • private hospitals and good doctors ARE NOT CHEAP.
  • i have a serious case of the angries
  • im still reading you all. im just busy.
  • more info coming, i promise
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2 Comments on “In Short”

  1. steph Says:

    I bet the twat that owes you money isn’t scratching for a dollar either. Tight arses.

  2. huniii Says:

    None of the twats that owe me money are pennyless. Theyre are all fuckwits. I do their accounts. I KNOW if they can pay or not. Dipshits.

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