Credit Where Credit Is Due

So with thanks to MOONFLAKE, I was able to find THIS website.

I urge anyone who has even one single solitary brain cell to head over and sign this petition IMMEDIATELY.

South Africa’s Minister of Health, Manto Tshabalala-Msimang is a right royal fuckwit of the highest order. This dipshit has been fucking things up consistantly since taking office. Ive followed this crazy bint’s antics for a while, and must say that the latest shitfight over her complete lack of mental accuity and social concience (keep in mind she is the HEALTH minister) has prompted some even more serious backlash.


Now its all well and good that I sit way way way over here in Sydney saying this, but FFS, even if you had no ties to africa whatsoever, im sure the outrage over the stupidity towards humanity in general would prompt you to stare slack-jawed at the screen with the line I am about to impart to you. This is her OFFICIAL stance, mind you. All done WHILST IN OFFICE. Even Johnny Howard cant compete in this fuctardary competition. (Although Manto’s eyebrows are better, but thats no competition to boast about winning is it?)

Go HERE for an article on the full story (or google it yourself you lazy bugger) but basically, this is the newsflash we’re meant to swallow…….


Fantastic. Lets go, folks, quicksticks! Forget your condoms! All you have to do is eat a salad, and you’ll be fine!

Whats next? A fruit salad to cure cancer?

Fuck me!**

* This is the 2nd most ridiculous comment ever made about HIV/AIDS, second only to the idea that raping a baby will cure/prevent HIV/AIDS.

**WITH a condom thanks, I dont care how much lettuce you bring into the bedroom.


Try THIS for more awe inspiring stupidity from a woman in charge of the well being of a few million people.

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2 Comments on “Credit Where Credit Is Due”

  1. moonflake Says:

    my pleasure 😉

  2. huniii Says:

    most appreciated

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