Blogroll Update #26

So yeah, once again, my blogroll is shit.

There are some bloggers Ive fallen out of love with. Some have stopped posting. Some have been conceited, ill-informed twats who need a good bitchslapping to wake up to themselves. Some have just gotten boring. Some have said things that offended me. Some have changed content from what I originally fell in love with.

Some have moved URIs.

Some have been on my list of blogs that Ive been meaning to add to my blogroll, and just havent gotten around to yet.

Some blogs that ive stalked for ages in private might as well be added too.

Its an ongoing thing. Im a slack arse. And there are so many things on my to do list. Yes, that would be the to do lists i said i would write on here, and STILL havent gotten off my arse and written. Thanks for pointing that out.

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