While I Was Away….

How many fucking brilliant tunes are out & about at the moment?

Get your groove on mo fo’s!! Fo Shizzle!

I missed so much while i was in hospital (and arent my friends having fun telling all and sundry that it was for mental issues…….bastards)

Im SOOOOOOO loving:

Love me or hate me by Lady Soverign

Love me or hate me its still an obsession, love me or hate me that is the question, if you love me then – thank you, if you hate me then – fuck you! (she also calls her tits Breast-es-s, almost as good as breast-icles!)

Smack That by Akon feat Eminem

Maybe go to my place and just kick it like tai-bo, and possiblly bend you over, look back and watch me smack that – all on the floor, smack that, give me some more, smack that, till you get sore, smack that, oh oh oh oh.

Margaritas by Sleepy Brown, Big Boi & Pharrell

I dont have the chorus for this, something about eyes, who cares Im too busy bopping along………

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