Asking Your Help

So its probably not smart asking teh interwebs for help, but if some retard can research how to stick his cock up a girls arse, Im sure that someone out there can help me with a suggestion or two to my slightly less anal problem. Russell Allen, I guess that counts you out.

So Dickhead finally mesaged me last night after Id gone to bed, completely oblivious to the shittyness he had caused. Now I know his brothers here, I know hes busy, but surely he could find 2 minutes to talk to his woman? So when he messaged me (being still involved in other stuff) as if nothing was wrong, and woke me up, I wasnt in the best mood. (lets not forget the drugs im on that make me a psycho moody lunatic).

Now, Im not one to be angry at people and shut up about it. It makes me feel ill to hold that shit in. I dont bitch behind your back, I tell you that I have an issue. It takes a bit to piss me off, annoyance is not worth bitching about, but when you repeatedly annoy me, THAT makes me angry too. So Dickhead of course manages this fairly frequently, poor bastard. The thing is, because Im not seeing him at the moment, and because im not even talking to him as much right now, the little time we DO get on the fone seems to be taken up with me being pissed off and yelling at him. Hardly the behavious thats going to inspire him to make more talk time, huh?

So my question is this:

How do I tell him he has made me upset or angry, so that I dont feel that im being walked over and disrespected, whilst still managing to enjoy the time we have?

Because I hate using the time we have to argue, and feeling bad towards him, when we could be laughing and joking and having fun. Im having a hard time balancing the good stuff that I want to have, and the bad stuff I have to have.

And yes, person who knows who he is, I do know that Dickhead’s job is to make me happy – end of story, and that he should just stop being a fucktard to me, but HES A MAN, just like you, and therefore is STUPID. I know that if hed just stop pissing me off everything would be so much easier and better, but, like I said, HES A MAN. Its just not genetically possible!

The Countdown

ETA on last treatment:     0+ sleeps

Bugalugs’ birthday:            6 sleeps

End of ramadan:                 8 sleeps

Hugs from dickhead:          9+ sleeps*

*Dickhead reckons I have to give him a couple of extra days before I get to see him because of all his commitments to end-of-fasting celebrations. While I can see youd want to celebrate that, why isnt one of those celebrations the fact that he can get his freak on?? Id never make a good muslim, huh?

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