A Break From Banality

Just for a little bit.

So I dont usually do this sort of thing, but I decided that fuck it, just this once I will, for reasons Id rather not go into really.

So you all know that World Vision has that child sponsorship thing going, right? $39/mth and you can give a child a chance at a better future, and the way they do it means its not just one child that benefits, but the whole village.

Well, what you might not have considered before is this. And thats what Im crapping on about today. This is for all those people who dont want the commitment of sponsoring a kid. I mean, who hasnt thought “but what happens if I cant afford a payment this month” or “but what happens if I dont want to do it anymore?” Coz the only thing worse than not helping a starving kid, would be helping it and then stopping right?

So this way you can give a gift. A once off, no commitment, no responsibility sort of thing.

For as little as $24 you can immunise a child or pregnant woman from easily preventable diseases like measles, typhoid and tuberculosis, in countries like Sudan and Zambia.

If your feeling a bit more generous, how about spending $48 for a lamb or a goat, which will provide food and wool for clothes and blankets, or milk, which will also produce offspring to sell at the market, to raise, or to eat, in countries like Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Somalia or Sudan. Still less than $50 bucks. The goat program is called Kids for Kids, whic is a much better program than the one Australia has of paying young bogan ho’s $3000 to have a kid, if I do say so myself. You can help 60 families for that price! Bargain! (try finding a goat for $50 at your local bi-lo, you feral fucks)

For $89 (still less than a trip to the hairdresser) you can give a child the operation they need to stop from going blind in Zambia. Nuff said.

And if a group of you are feeling generous, or your business was extra naughty this year and claimed back a few questionable things, or “forgot” to pay tax on a fair bit of cash sales…… $626 will buy a yak for a Mongolian family, or better yet, $1400 will provide a clean water well for a community in places like Liberia.

So do something to make yourself feel good, and help someone out. Instead of saying “oh yeah, I keep meaning to do something like that” actually get your arse in gear and go do it.

And if your going to sponsor a child, instead of chucking an angelina & going shopping for a “designer” starving child, click on the link BELOW the choice of boy/girl/country/age etc, and chose the child that has been waiting the longest.

Go on, pick that ugly little bugger who sounds like a loser. You know nobody else will.

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