Counting Down

WordPress is a fucking bitch when it comes to javascript, and im blonde when it comes to technologikmakal crap, otherwise the spiffy little countdown thing i found would have been installed on the sidebar 3-4 weeks ago. So now you will have to deal with a manual coundown at the end of my posts for a few days. Coz im all excited like a 5 year old before Christmas, and Im counting down how many sleeps it is! Shaddup, Im allowed! So here goes…..

ETA on last treatment:       2 sleeps

Bugalugs’ Birthday:              7 sleeps

Hugs from Dickhead:           9 sleeps

I cant wait!

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2 Comments on “Counting Down”

  1. steph Says:

    Nuffin wrong with counting down sleeps. I does it all the time!

    If wordpress is a bitch then what is blogger? A fucking, cunting douchbag is what. I had thee posts in drafts that have gone walkies. Vanished. Gooooooone!!

  2. huniii Says:

    yay for us!
    hense my move away from blogger, who is a much much worse slut than wordpress. blogger will give it away without even being asked, the little ho!

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