Hilariousness Ensues

And I havent even been drinking.

Earlier, I was continuing my timely attempt at learning more from the Qur’an & the Torah, when I turned to teh interwebs to look something up…..

I never would have guessed it but yes, there it was in black and white, they were using EMINEM to explain Islam. What. The. Fuck? I submit the following:

EMINEM: “Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?”

ISLAMIC PROMOTIONAL WEBSITE: “Will the real Al Aqsa please stand up?”

Evidence HERE.


le sigh

NB: It is also a trip to bizzarro world to be simultaneously reading about moses/mohammad/my guaranteed one way trip to purgatory in EVERY religion there is, as well as the latest peice of lesbian erotica as penned by my girlfriend.

Post Script #1

My girlfriend has been published a few times. Shes rather good. Shes also A lesbian, yes, hense the lesbian theme of her work – she writes what she knows.

Post Script #2

I needed something uplifting. My blog (like my RL) has been far too depressing of late.

Post Script #3

No I will not elaborate on the context of my use of the word “girlfriend” in this post. You’ll all just use your imaginations and make it dirty, whether it is or not!

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5 Comments on “Hilariousness Ensues”

  1. treespotter Says:

    oh, but i’m fasting 😀

  2. huniii Says:

    TS your a goose! lol

  3. steph Says:

    That is tres weird. Trust you to hunt it down on teh web.

  4. treespotter Says:

    steph did you call me tres weird? am i hunted now?

    i’m going hiding.

  5. huniii Says:

    I iz a teknikmalogikmakal genius!

    dont hide under the bed, they always look there first

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