No News Is Good News

So Im sorry I havent posted. Havent been online much. Fuck yas if yas dont like it! LOL

News was good. Ish. Good as good gets for me at the moment, and im certainly not going to look THIS horse in the mouth.

So it seems im not dead yet. Phew. Because I hadnt yet bought any presents for Bugalugs’ Birthday which is the 22nd. So I still have a couple of grand in my pocket that must be pumped into the retail market quicksticks, and not on shoes unfortunately (more on the ban imposed by dickhead on my purchasing of shoes later – remind me)

So I guess I’m stuck in the hell hole for a while longer. Now we play a game of “how many retarded bits can we kill before weve killed too many good bits as collateral damage?” Its fun for the whole family! C’mon, lets everybody have a go! Its like some really fucked up Jelly Bean Guessing Competition. Hmm, I can see that line going in the book of “Stupid Things Honey’s Said Lately”. (mind you to explain it all properly to Min I used 2 packets of ciggarettes and a lighter, complete with character voices. Go figure. But she laughed, and understood it much better)

So I stay a little longer whilst they fucking break even more of me. Then I get to fix myself, while they regularly take a look and see how good a job (or not) I’m doing. Note i said how well IM DOING AT FIXING MYSELF. Thats right, once their finished completely demolishing my lungs, its all up to me and my dna to put things right again. They’ll just stop by like an interior design consultant and decide if I can keep what ive done, or if it all needs to be ripped back out and started again. Its Queer Eye gone horribly horribly wrong. And yes, I get to pay them a small fortune to do so.

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2 Comments on “No News Is Good News”

  1. steph Says:

    Well i think that’s awesome news. 🙂 Keep doin what ya doin’. seems to be working so far.

  2. huniii Says:

    Thanks Tephs. Its the idea of the huge finger Ill be giving the sadistic bastards (read medical professionals) as i walk out the front door.

    And to think people tell me my “can never be wrong” attitude is a BAD thing…….

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