I just……

wrote a whole heap that was really REALLY good.

and then i fucking deleted it by accident.

im really hating the world right now

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3 Comments on “I just……”

  1. treespotter Says:

    you can at least tell us what it was about. whether it has pictures. whether the pictures contain boobs. and whether the said boobs are nice to look at.

    now i’m off looking for boobs

  2. huniii Says:

    twas about much more depressing things than boobs. it didnt have pictures. even of boobs. and the only boobsthat id be puttn on here would be my own, which are BRILLIANT to look at (when their not covered in tickets)

    *sings* were going on a boob hunt. goin to catch a big one. im not scared…..

  3. CTRL+Z = Undo. That normally undoes the deletion.

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