Why Am I Blogging Right Now?

Because I dont feel like facing people to say this, and I know it will get around fast enough by putting it here. Dickhead already knows, as does Min, both of these I told myself, them being the most important people to me right now (besides Bugalugs of course who doesnt need to know anything until it cant be avoided)

In less than an hour now, I will get results back from my specialist (you dont like me calling him that, YOU try spelling his title correctly). If the beefed up plan of attack isnt working, there isnt really much else to do. And Ive already decided that if this is the case, Im going home. Id rather spend what little time remains in my own freaking bed than here.

On the other hand, if it IS killing the little fuckers, then I will be staying here, and its the first time Im actually wanting to stay. Obviously. The issue then will become how much longer to continue. When is the point where theyve killed enough of the bad bits, yet left enough good ones alive to pick up the peices & start the rebuilding?

And of course, once that decision is made, its all crossing of fingers and toes that the good workers arent too fucked over by the new IR laws, and will put their backs into it and get this new development underway.

Mins reaction to this news was predictable.

Dickheads reaction was not.

Mine? I’ll wait till after I hear it & know what it is I have to react to.

But that call this morning would have been good, had I got it.

Oh yeah, a big bunch of good wishes are owed to Dickhead, who started the next phase of his business this morning. xoxo

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One Comment on “Why Am I Blogging Right Now?”

  1. steph Says:

    You are truly amazing. I’m in awe of your courage.
    Do you have any news yet?

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