Trying Very Hard To Post

But its hard. It isnt normally. As you can tell by the shithouse standard of writing displayed on this site, I usually sit down, log on & tap away for 5 – 10 minutes, and press ‘publish’. Its that simple. I really do use this blog to empty my head. And right now my head is a mess. I know, I know, it usually is. But now its more so. Its like Im in thick fog. I cant seem to focus. I cant concentrate. I cant manage a coherant train of thought. Its most disconcerting. Although friends will tell you I often dont make sense when Im speaking to them, I always make sense to myself. Not right now though. Half way through a sentence I get brain freeze and forget what I was saying. Its frustrating. At the moment things in here are not going so well. Therapy has been stepped up. Aparently me going all aggressive at the doctors saying I didnt want to stay in their poxy establishment until the end of time seems to have offended the sadistic little fuckers, and their getting me back, and how! Its painful, and its exhausting. Its stressful and makes me sick. I also spend hours and hours in bed, which is even worse because theres no playing up……. So a few brief notes on what im up to, hopefully it will inspire me to write properly later. If not, it will at least serve as a memory jogger. And if I know anything about anyone, a bit of a conversation starter too. Look out email account, its gunna get hot! *checks her phone batteries areĀ charged* *********************************EDIT********************************* STUPID FUCKING RETARDED FUCKING WANKER FUCKING WORDPRESS FUCKING GREMLINS FUCKING ATE THE FUCKING REST OF MY FUCKING POST THE FUCKING FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!

and im too frikken tired to redo it. i did it all too. properly even. and it was good. just for once. fucking fuck fuckers.

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5 Comments on “Trying Very Hard To Post”

  1. Hunii – glad to have found you again. I had a nightmare rediscovering my old links! As for your comment re: Loos, Posh and the Pig – that’s hilarious.

    As ever, I love you.

  2. steph Says:

    Hang in there sweets.
    Give them doctors hell.

  3. I hate when Blogger does that, but I try not to curse!

  4. Scorpy Says:

    Type whatever you like (or don’t like) it is still a good read :). Take care huniii xx

  5. huniii Says:

    Girl Like Me
    awww shucks. & i know that feeling about the links. im still trying to get around to finishing my blogroll, although half of the ones ive already done are dead now. sigh.

    hell i can do. hanging in i can do. oooh look, me clever!

    Donald Douglas
    Welcome, thats the reason i left blogger, though seems they followed me. And cursing is pretty much the law round these parts.

    aww thanks babe, but methinks theres summin wrong wit u if your calling my writing a good read!

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