Bugalugs First Excursion

So yesterday Bugalugs had his first ever school excursion. Well, actually thats not entirely true, he got to wander up the road to a nursing home and sing for the old people a few months ago. It says alot about THAT excursion that the only 2 tidbits of info he volunteered about it were that a) there was 2 cop cars that blocked the main road in each direction for the kids to cross safely, and their lights were flashing, and b) he was allowed to drink red cordial.

Red cordial for a bunch of kindy & 1st grade kids? Fucking hell their not just senile, theyve completely lost it!

But back to the point, THIS excursion was ON A BUS!!!! Excitement plus for the poor little bugger who wants to know why we drive everywhere but the welfare bogan spawn at his school all get to go on buses and trains to visit relatives/do the shopping/score visit mummy & their 4th new daddys “special” friends. His little voice on the phone yesterday morning as llama dropped him off was shaking he was that psyched! It hurt to not be able to be there, but I guess being there for all the rest instead will make up for that (note to higher power, it fucking better mate, coz that was frikkn harsh).

So after his day-long outing to some lagoon ive never heard of (despite knowing every half decent place around here) to dip-net for bugs (wtf?) Llama brought him in to see me, and i swear he was so happy he was floating. So was I after hearing that the one child to fall in the river was NOT my child (lost me $50 but I’ll forgive him, just this once!).

Then he pulls up his school bag and tells me to close my eys, he has a surprise for me. I did as i was told, and being the smart arse I am told him that I hoped he hadnt brought any bugs home with him (he is a boy after all, and definately THAT sort of boy). He got all upset and yelled at me for peeking!!!! A few minutes of laughing and promising I didnt peek, and I told him I just didnt want him bringing home bugs because they would get dead, to which he said “but its already dead mum, so thats OK”


Sigh. Thats my boy. Always got a freaking answer.

Then he proudly presented me with something to keep next to my bed to remember his excursion by………….

Yep, I thought so too, until he popped this on the bottom of my bed. What a good kid. Knows just how to impress his mum, and make her feel better.

Bugalugs' Bug

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