Bears Arent That Tough

Mine is actually pretty soft & cuddly under all those muscles and tattoos. Today I got more than one lovely compliment from him. Hes been a great friend through all this. (even if it DOES scare me a bit that he and Dickhead are becomming all chummy-chummy without me being privy to anything they say, AND despite the fact they are now ganging up on me and playing tag team – WHOLLY unfair guys!)

So today I was feeling a bit crap about how Im feeling and looking. I need a haircut, its a mess, and I cant do it properly in here, and even if I can, lying in bed gives you bed hair no matter how much product you use. My skin is awful (this from someone who was never a pimply teen, and never had a blemish, nor ever needed foundation – I am the envy of all my girlfriends). After every treatment I get bright red and splotchy. My skin has irritations and comes up in a bit of a rash sometimes too. It burns and itches, and is allover NOT SEXY. Im dry in some areas and oily in others. sigh. I’m a mess. And overly sensitive to just about everything. The concoction of drugs Im taking (and the stress) is making me moody. SERIOUSLY MOODY. PMS is nuttn on me, and pregnant hormonal women are in awe of my superior moodswings. Menopausal woman applaud me in the street. Its that bad. Which is great in that tiny things can make me happy as a pig in mud. But equally, when I feel bad, which is how I am far more frequently, it quickly turns into a bad depression. And lately, Ive had some serious issues with myself. Which is very unlike me, (ive usually got such a massive ego I need taking DOWN a couple of pegs) and has had friends quite concerned. So Bear took a photo or two (or more, who knows, hes a sneaky prick with that camera phone) and as I lost an argument, my punishment is putting it up here. I cant say Im that upset though, he was right. I dont look as bad to others as I do to myself right now. Im still me. I can still be me. I always will be me. And thats good to know.

Honey 280906

btw they are bruises on my chest, ive not gone all radioactive coloured for our amusement. their from dickhead last thursday. and shut up. it was fun at the time…………

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5 Comments on “Bears Arent That Tough”

  1. Azz Says:

    Honz I miss that cheeky smart ass smile of urs but where r dem baby blues?. Ull alwayz b gawjus 2 us. Weve seen ur heart n its all gold. Its fkn brill 2c u evn if it is just on a webshite oops i mean website 🙂 xoxo

  2. treespotter Says:

    we need a better quality pic, that one doesn’t look good enlarged. really.

  3. Variant E Says:

    Could be worse…your blog could suck too.

  4. steph Says:

    Do i spy NIPPLE!

    P.S you’s frakkin hot! Sick or not girlfriend!

  5. huniii Says:

    you wouldnt miss it so much if you moved the fuck back up here. melbournes overrated. and your mum brought me food this morning. HA HA HA HA!!! Im getting your share now your not here. Im gunna put on so much weight…… suck shit other patients, LOOK WHAT IVE GOT, BIATCHES!

    I didnt know you COULD enlarge it. hmmmmm. so im thinking that kind of quality should stay……. just in case. And what is it with you guys and trying to enlarge things?

    Varient E
    My blog does suck, what are you on? I suck too, but not for another month….. sigh. I have such a filthy mind.

    NO YOU DO NOT SPY NIPPLE! Theres no moist pics of me online. Well, none on THIS website! Its a BRUISE. I have PLENTY. Twas all well and good at the time until about 3 hrs later when my tits started aching like fuck and I realised my nipple was FEKKN BLEEDING!!!! Its over a week later and people are still commenting on the bluey/purleness of my jubblies.

    PS why thankyou! Im so quoting you on that. Your quite stephilicious yaself!

    PPS Im stopping now before the lesbo porn googlers join the anal sex ones and start my statcounter hyperventilating.

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