Someone REALLY needs help.

I thought loser like this usually went to B-Grade porn movies for instruction, but it seems Google is the new instructional tool. Personally I would have thought it obvious, but this guy needs help.

Now Im not a man, and dont have a penis, but I think Id be smart enough to figure out how to fuck a woman in the arse, should the need arise. But then, Im a woman, and therefore have a genetic predisposition to be more intelligent (blog posts not withstanding).

Quick, someone get a hooker for this kids birthday!

Search Engine Terms
These are terms people used to find your blog.

Search                                                                     Views
huniii                                                                           2
tell me how to go up the girl rear entry      1

funny slogans for hospitals                                      1
spicy slogans                                                              1

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11 Comments on “Someone REALLY needs help.”

  1. If you need guidance on this I know all the answers

  2. Scorpy Says:

    I got a classic this morning ‘How to get a headjob in the front seat of a car’…this guy was very detailed in his search. Stuff knows how it got to my blog LOL

  3. huniii Says:

    Im not surprised. Is there anythig you DONT know how to insert into an anus?

    It could be the same guy…….. These fuckers do my head in.

  4. treespotter Says:

    okay, and the help you require are along this line?


  5. Variant E Says:

    Oh, I’m sure he was simply a little language challenged and needed a way to get to the back stairway and up to his girlfriends apartment. Shameful how all your minds just go straight to anal sex!

  6. huniii Says:

    I dont require any help thankyou very much! Leave my ass alone! Dickhead would take care of any such requirements im sure, and I reckon that between the 2 of us we might just be able to figure out how to do it without any help from google…..although the porn might come into play, he has just bought a big fancy plasma/surround sound etc package and has already said he wonders what lesbin porn would look like on that….

    Varient E
    welcome, and you may be right….. & most people around these parts are pretty shameful. And seeing as Im going to be dickless for a month, my mind has an excuse to be filthy! Now be honest, are you saying yours didnt?

  7. steph Says:

    Well bless his heart for looking it up on teh intarwebs before he went poking around. That’s very thoughtful and considerate of him. Haaaaaaa!

  8. huniii Says:

    someone like that should not be poking around these parts, or any other parts that are connected to moi!

  9. No Huniii. I specifically know about how to put things into your anus. It was an elective at uni. Huniii anus insertion…3-5pm every Tuesday

  10. huniii Says:

    That actually explains alot…….

  11. Kofi Annan Says:

    What’s an ‘anus’?

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