This Week’s Plan

Top of the agenda for this week is list writing. Its something that I really need to start doing properly, because my brain has officially turned into smush. Theres just so many things I want and need to get done, and I keep on forgetting EVERYTHING.

Case in point: MONTHS and MONTHS ago my office was broken into. I still havent finished a) replacing all stolen items b) cleaning up the mess c) replacing a girl I employed at the time to do personal tax and d) employing a girl friday to do all the mundane things I keep forgetting     dont want to do   dont have time for.

I have managed to get alot done on this front on Saturday, which is immensly satisfying, and seeing as things on that front are moving along so well, i think ill keep at it. One thing is that Ive got a girlfriend going around to my clients and touvhing base etc, and doing the collection and return of hard copy documents. WOO HOO! Ive had to lend her my car as hers is kaput, but thats ok, it means i get a chauffer to drop me off and collect me from hospital for my appointments. Me likey!

So seeing as I will be spending much more time in hospital and in bed, the plan is to do as much as I can from here, so that when Im all better, I wont have the backlog. (also keeping me both distracted AND mentally stimulated) But to do this effectively I need to plan in advance, something I dont do very well. (nor the sticking to it part)

So Ive decided to use my blog to help. Ill be putting it up here. That way, whether you lot read it or not I dont care, but the fact that someone COULD read it and see that im a slackarse, should keep me in line (I hope). 

Id really like to feel like this period of uselessness was productive in at least SOME way. I like the way it feels to accomplish something. Maybe this cancer thing has a plus side apart from just wearing my jammies all day. Maybe I can use it to change for the better one of my faults?

Who knows? But theres no harm in trying, is there?

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