Happy 300th Post Honey

You retarded wanker! What kind of Accountant cant count? That would be me. Because the 300th bit of crap I wrote here was way back here. 19 days ago.  Sigh.

So to celebrate, coz Im such an exciting gal now that Im sick, I have gone through and categorised my shit. So now you can read a particular type of shit in its entirity.

Well, as much as Ive done since the 300th one. You are looking at a girl who has a category called “the first 199” for her first 199 posts on this blog. Im a teknikmalogikmakal genius, me!

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3 Comments on “Happy 300th Post Honey”

  1. Indiana Says:

    I wish blogger had catagories…and I think I am too lazy to change my blog to a site that does…so I just have to suffer being a luddite in a world of such genius’s’s’s’s’s

    Good to see you got to 300…I’m watching my counter for one year.

  2. huniii Says:

    Thankyou Indy! Whats with all these people insinuating Im smart all of a sudden? And here I am accused of not being able to even write my own posts!

  3. gjqxdig Says:


    xnmlw bvqzmxyse wwgmycvvg siefgrmy

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