How Clever Am I?

Look at me! Im blogging from my PDA!!! Im all clever like!!

Yay for me!!

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6 Comments on “How Clever Am I?”

  1. treespotter Says:

    well, can you comment thru your PDA is the real question!!

  2. Scorpy Says:

    I still have to get my service connected for my Motorola Razor and Palm Pilot. They are pretty useless if they can’t talk to each other. Maybe, I should have lashed out and bought something more expensive that did it all in one hit. I look like a nerd walking into airports pulling tech devices from all pockets…Phone, PDA, Dig camera, laptop….I need help LOL

  3. steph Says:

    You’s a technomalogical genius!!

  4. Coyotemike Says:

    Technology scares me. I prefer smoke signals and appeasing the gods.

    Oh, and hi from a fan of the late, great imelda.

  5. Hasn’t made the quality much better but now you have an excuse. Me so funny!

  6. huniii Says:

    SHADDUP!!! Ive just got this bit worked out! Let me at lest LOOK clever for a minute or two! Sheesh. LOL

    I have too many tech bits too. Except I look stupider coz i dunno how to use them all yet. Im learning! Its on my list………


    Im not scared of it. I just dont have the brain space for it. Or patience. Sigh. Welcome btw.

    oh hardy har har. I ooze quality. FACT!

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