1 Track Mind Still

Thanks to those who suggested I call Dickhead and proposition him.


I already tried that didnt I.

The bastards working too hard at the moment and is utterly exhausted. And to those who say “pffffffttttt. Guys are NEVER to tired for sex” I say this: I rang him and suggested he drive up, sit there, let me blow him, and then go home. He was too tired.

Id feel really sorry for the poor bastard for being so utterly exhausted, but Im horny, dammit!!!

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2 Comments on “1 Track Mind Still”

  1. Indiana Says:

    A guy who doesn’t want a BJ…would that be a case of not being that into you?

  2. huniii Says:

    Welcome. Nope. Hes into me. Theres alot of backstory not on here, and he really is busting his arse. Its a case of being a long way away, and not even being able to start the journey untill late, and having to rise early. Like em he owns his own business, so when the long day on site is over, he comes home and keeps on working. But I appreciate your point, i considered it for a nano second before all the proof to the contrary was remembered.

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