So its the return of the cryptic puzzle on my blog. shaddup. the crypticness is old, the puzzleness is old, its only new now that ive put them together in such a fun and stylish way. (me write good reviews, yes?)

So guess along to the clues below and see if you can figure out the puzzle.

Theres no prizes. Im a lazy bitch like that.

Clues as to what I’m on about……

  1. the person who gives me the irrits on a thrice daily basis (minimum)
  2. a whole heap of that stuff i like
  3. in particlar, that bit of stuff ive been hiding
  4. the place ive been in trouble for ignoring lately
  5. some people ive never met
  6. that thing i dont do, because every time i do i get it wrong
  7. something i have nearly done before with disasterous results
  8. elephant pedicures (that sounds wtf, but its not. no really! i swear! its not wtf!!!)
  9. 3 peoples futures. Actually more than that, but it affects 3 people tremendously.
  10. all the really really important people in my life
  11. a legally binding document
  12. a change in referring to the person in clue number one as “my partner”
  13. 4 little words followed by a question mark that terrify the crap out of me, because the answer might just be yes.

and the biggest clue of all……..


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6 Comments on “SCARY MUCH”

  1. Azz Says:

    ur not makn a honest man outta dikhead r u? ffs. neva thort id c teh day. i c teh txtmsg about movn 2 leb-land n turnin muslim was tru afta all. u wearn a hijab 4 teh weddn? this i gotta c!!!!
    ur a retard honz. pure n simple

  2. Honey Says:

    No you wanker! pffft. All you people asking that! He’s a Leb, you cant get them to be honest! What are ya doin, living in bizzarro land with me? mwah

  3. SH Says:


    I know what you’re doing, but I don’t know with who. Except that they are a friend.

    Good to see we aint the only fools on the planet!

  4. Huniii Says:

    Yes. Yes you are. Its Dickhead. Who else could give me the irrits as much as him?

  5. steph Says:

    *le sigh* As much as i love you, you do my fucking head in with these puzzleblogposts.
    I need a panadol and a lie down now. No. Make that half a gram and a bottle of vodka and a FALL down.

  6. Huniii Says:

    *le ha ha* go the french!
    I know, I know. I suck. If you need that READING me – imagine what I need BEING me!!

    Perhaps now you know how poor Dickhead feels. Poor Dickhead? now you KNOW my head is fucked.

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