Thanks Azz

One of my boys, Azzurro, has recently moved to Melbourne. He flew in this morning for a couple of hours to cheer me up with some stuff thats going on that I havent blogged about.

He was trying to cheer me up.

He gave me a black eye.

Thanks Azz, babe.

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4 Comments on “Thanks Azz”

  1. steph Says:

    Jebus woman! I hope you kicked him in the nads. seems only fair.

  2. huniii Says:

    It does seem fair, but no, i didnt. He rekons its only fair he gets away with it because
    (a) twas an accident
    (b) i HAVE broken his nose once before, and he didnt retaliate (although I maintain he COMPLETELY deserved HIS injury)
    (c) he got me an ice pack without having to be asked/told/whatever

  3. Azz Says:

    ffs! my nads r teh only thing more beautiful than my face.btw, uw honz

  4. huniii Says:

    Ive got 1st hand knowledge of your nads. You cant pull that shit with me. Im not sure whether to go with the insult about your face being uglier than your balls, or if that would just insult myself for ever having dated ya!!

    The things we do when we are young and stupid………

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