So after repeated issues with this frikken blog, Ive decided to move again. Anyone who knows me in person knows that moving is a hobby of mine (28 houses in the past 13 years, and Ivbe been in this one for 3-4 yrs…..)

Too many posts are being eaten.

Too many things are fucking up.

Too many things are too hard and akward and teknikmalogikmakal for the likes of me.

Im a bit sad, coz i like some bits about wordpress, and all who use it will have noticed a heap of groovy new things that they have just added, and are planning to add. So I want to stay. But, like my kitchen (which Dickhead is going to re-do for me, god love him) its just fucking shits me that its so unusable.

So unless someone can reno my blog as well as Dickhead is reno-ing my kitchen, I will have to move (yes I know i said i was gunna do this before and didnt, but im not so lazy now even more pissed off now) 

So, Honey is looking for property in your area. Has anyone seen a good one with a for sale sign out front?

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