Houston, We Have A Problem

I am currently residing in bizzarro land. A world of weird & unimaginable horrors. Nightmare inducing behaviour  that chills me to the bone. Theres nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. There isnt enough clean underwear to deal with the frights that are constantly assaulting me at every turn. Nothing makes sense, my whole world is being upended and shaken about by some unseen force. There is no escape. It is truly terrifying.

Dickhead is being NICE.

I hear the four horsemen.

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2 Comments on “Houston, We Have A Problem”

  1. Imelda Says:

    We obviously need to organise some more threesomes!

  2. huniii Says:

    Fuck Ims
    If thats what caused it I’ll just have to get over you, because the consequences of that much fun are just too scary

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