I dont usually…..

Im not usually one for linking to other posts, but today is an exception.


Theres an extra “in” joke there for those who are in the know.

Also try THIS if ya feel like a bit of a fun game.

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2 Comments on “I dont usually…..”

  1. Scorpy Says:

    Huniii, I can see the day when we are all shuffled into a large change room, at the airport, and made to strip off ALL our clothes before donning a pair of those throw away white, paper overalls. Our luggage will go on a separate plane. I loved both links and Imeldas is still ringing in my ears LOL

  2. huniii Says:

    Thanks babe! And you didnt even catch the “in” joke.
    I was worried some of it may be lost on those not in the know. Good to know others found it amusing, and it wasnt just me having a blonde moment.

    Ive had so many of those lately my besty has started calling me BRITNEY
    *hangs head in shame*

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