Sproglet has arrived!

My besty has finally popped out her 3rd sproglet! 8lb8oz & both mum & bub are fine. He has a head full of hair, all dark like his daddy. I cant wait to go see him and get myself a cuddle and a nose full of new baby smell!

However, life being the way it is, I have succumbed to my first flu. Its supposedly no biggy, seeing as my immune system is lowered, but i need to be really carefull because the state im in could have it turn into pnuemonia (or whatever, spelling nazis) really easily.



*blows nose for the billionth time today*

so yeah. i nevr get sick. (hangovers arent counted as being sick)i dont do sick. i whinge. i whine. i look AWFUL. so to all those who know me in person, have fun!!! lol.

Which wouldnt be so bad of course, except that being sick precludes me from visiting sproglet and getting my cuddles & my fill of new baby smell, and using up more than my fair share of ooooh-ing and aaaaaah-ing.

I sms’d my boys the good news and they warned me against getting clucky. HA!!!!!!!!

Actually, MrB suggested I get Dickhead to get me pregnant. ffs. i told him id get dickhead to get HIM pregnant. Bear came to my rescue and told MrB to stop picking on his little girl or Bear would get MrB pregnant.

Thing is, I could almost picture that………….

BWAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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4 Comments on “Sproglet has arrived!”

  1. SH Says:

    New baby smell? You mean, like, poo and wee?

    You’re gross.

  2. huniii Says:

    Thats his mum’s problem. been there, done that, soooo over it.
    i just want the good bits.
    but yeah, i am gross, and not just when it come to babies either

  3. LiSh Says:

    thank god someone else says sprog!!!
    I keep getting in trouble for it

  4. huniii Says:

    Sprog is so a word, all who disagree are fools. I get in trouble for heaps of words I say, like sprog, flomp, gromble, grumpus….. the list is endless

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