Lets See Now…..

Its 8pm on a Saturday Night. Bugalugs is sleeping over at his nan & pops (only coz he bugged them so much it was easier to agree than say no for the 1000000000000th time).

Dickhead is on his way up. He has to work early tomorrow, and has worked a long day today so he will be going home to bed early.

MY BOYS have heard I have the night off, and have big plans. I told them about plans with Dickhead, and they are waiting for my call when he heads home.

I have kick arse new speakers and heaps of new tunes.

I have a fridge so full of wine&beer that I cant fit any food in there. (shut up you lot).

Lets play “guess what Honeys doing tonight?”





Nah, too easy.

cya. Im off to have me some FARKIN FUN GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!

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4 Comments on “Lets See Now…..”

  1. Imelda Says:

    My Saturday night = two 5 year olds on the sofa bed, while I cleaned up the kitchen. Yeah, real riot here last night. Glad you had some fun Hun, you needed it!

  2. huniii Says:

    I did have fun, yes.
    I did need it, yes.
    I shall be doing it again too, but not for a while. Twas all a bit too much. Think I’ll need a few weeks to recover.
    It was, however, AWESOME!!!!

  3. Steph Says:

    I feel your pain. I’m still recovering. I’m sore all over, and i cannae remember why!!

  4. huniii Says:

    Thanks darl. I still feel slightly inebriated. twas huge, like yours but on a smaller scale!

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