A Request


Someone kill ‘Home & Away’.

If one more person on there gets/has/dies from cancer I WILL go nuts. WORD!

Oh yes, I only watch it coz Bugalugs likes to, and letting him means 1 less argument.

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8 Comments on “A Request”

  1. steph Says:

    Have not watched that tripe since i was about 12 years old. Now Neighbours, there’s a show. I love the Timmins family. I wanna change my last name to Timmins, I think I’d fit right in.

  2. SH Says:

    But cancer is such a wonderful plot device!
    Perhaps you can think about writing your own out of the script.
    “Sorry cancer, you’re just not working for me. It’s been fun and all, but I’ll have to let you go”.

  3. huniii Says:

    Timmins’ are so bogan its almost attractive.

    Top Idea! Specially seeing as its all just a fictional internet-only illness. Think Ill write myself a whole new life! Shit, where do I start? LOL

  4. debz Says:

    When the chick on neighbours (“steph” I think) had breast cancer, and her hair magically sprouted back to shoulder length about a couple of weeks after stopping chemo, that shit me… lol

  5. huniii Says:

    Lucky for me Im not doing chemo, so my hair can stay fantabulous. However radiotherapy can make your skin go all….well….you dont wanna know. Summin that moisturiser aint fixn in a hurry, lets just say that, shall we?

  6. debz Says:

    yeahhuhhhh i know bout the skin going all lets not talk about it… Been down that road and it ain’t a pretty sight….

  7. Imelda Says:

    Geez, Hun. You still making all that shit up about having cancer and radiotherapy and stuff? Next you’ll be telling us you’ve got a real job with clients and stuff, and maybe even your own home.

  8. huniii Says:

    EWWWWWW!!!!!!! You gross me out!!!!

    FARK! You busted me on all my future plot twists! Next You’ll be telling me that Dickhead isnt real……

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