I Rock!

So I got into work for a client this morning, and the computer screen was all ewwwww. So i asked if they had anything to clean it with. The answer was “only love” WTF?? Bloody Lebs, damn Dickhead for making them congregate around me all of a sudden. But anyhoooooo……..

I sat there cleaning it somewhat with whatever was available, whilst having one of those pointless giggle-arguments about just how brilliant I am, and useless they are. Legendary much, me. And started opening the mail.

What falls out of the monthly account statement from the local stationers? Thats right. A single-use sample of one of their products.


I kid you not. Go on, prove Im not a BLOODY LEGEND!

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6 Comments on “I Rock!”

  1. steph Says:

    Jebus works in mysterious ways. You won’t win Lotto, but by fuck, you’ll find just what you need to clean the screen.

  2. huniii Says:

    oooooo miss steph, your comment RHYMES!!

    can you tell im easily excited today?

  3. Scorpy Says:

    …Twilite time…

  4. huniii Says:

    Scorpy – very.

  5. Imelda Says:

    Call me very surprised that there wasn’t a single thing in your car that you could have used to clean that screen!!! I was sure that you’d have an industrial sized can of Mr Sheen or something in your boot or back seat. Heh.

  6. huniii Says:

    Actually Im, I cleaned out the car before writing that meme. Before that there WAS a can of Mr Sheen, as well as Window cleaner. Funny that you are cleverer enough to know you use MR SHEEN to clean tinted windows!
    Do i be a sap and admit I also used to keep those “pocket pack” things of mr sheen, armour all and windex wipes?
    That will teach me to clean out the car!

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