I have just been sent an email saying that DH is aparently an acronym for “darling husband”.


No more calling Dickhead DH for short. I wouldnt want people to get confused, he is DEFINATELY my Dickhead, not my husband (all sms’ about converting to Islam & moving to Lebanon aside).

Either that or translate it back to pielkop, as I have to do to get past the swear-nazi’s when playing email ping pong with a certain friend working for a govt depatment.

No, stupid men who frequent ESTABLISHMENT, its not fucking ASIO you retarded wankers. Thank God she had herself a man lined up & that even though pielkop & I were fighting, i was still into him and therefore wasnt looking.

What a sad sorry impression that lot gave of Sydney eligables.

Makes a girl want to turn.

ummmm or summin.

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