Reason #863 Why Dickhead is a Dickhead

So the banter continues back and forth between us. He continues to try to get me to call him “Mr Immortal” referring to his delusion that hiscorrect title should be “Mr Immortal Legend of Legends”. Wanker.

So on the phone just now he was a smart arse and commented that if I googled “mr Immortal” I would find HIM.

So I was a smart arse and googled it. And THIS is what the #1 result is.

So farkn funny i nearly wet myself!

Mr. Immortal (Craig Hollis) is a fictional mutant superhero in the Marvel Comics universe and leader of the Great Lakes Avengers who first appeared in the pages of the Avengers West Coast in 1989.

Hmmm, mutant? Bwah Hah Hah Hah! 

So Dickhead remains a Dickhead. And I am too scared that there is a paragraph headed “boyhood friendship” WTFNESS!!!!

Never mind his assertion that I had raised my standards when i decided to start seeing him. pfffft

HE is the one who traded up, right?


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