Beating Depression

For the past little while Ive been exhausted. You can easily tell by my lack of bitching  whinging  posting. Ive also been fairly depressed. At times so apathetic it would have scared me, had I not been so apathetic!

Ive been trying desperately to come up with a way to kick these feelings, and to cheer myself up with the whole feeling like shite because of the treatment which is absolutely wearing me out like nobodies business.

who wouyld have thought that a couple of hundred dollars would have so completely done the job.

All I can say is that yesterday afternoon, just before closing, I bought some new speakers. I took them home. I battled with stupid fucking instruction manuals and electrical diagrams. I got them installed. I turned them on. I played some tunes. I turned it right up.


Especially considering the price I paid (thankyou very much to discounts obtained by my clevage – stupid men)

So now I am once again a very happy chickidee.

I should have known, tunes always make me feel better.

My current favourite is Ne Yo’s Sexy Love.

That and the song my cousin wrote for me and had some zulu friends sing for him.

Actually, that probably has a fair bit to do with my happy mood. You cant stay upset when you hear a song called Honey Is Beautiful, full of praise for how wonderful a person you are. Spesh’ly when its written with such love and thoughtfullness, by someone who loves you so deeply.

Bring on Thursday, I say, Thursday being the day he flies in.

I cant wait to hold his hands and say sawabona. And have it be literally speaking again.

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2 Comments on “Beating Depression”

  1. steph Says:

    Music can be amazingly powerful at times. I’m glad it cheered you up.
    For myself a line of speed and Vodka has the same effect 😉

    I’m kidding mum!! Seriously!

  2. huniii Says:

    You need your arse smacked, Steph!

    You naughty naughty girl!

    You’d never see ME doing such a thing!

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