To Whom It May Concern

You know who you are. You are the cerebrally challenged wanker who has been trawlling through a fellow blogger, and this is aimed squarely at you.

Do not think I do not see you. Do not think I dont know what you are doing. Do not think I dont know what else you have been up to. Because these thoughts would be gross misconceptions on your part.

I am, and have been for some time, completely aware of your forays into my blog. I know what you have been reading. I know why. I know what you are looking for, and you will not find it here.

I know where you came from. I know where you go. And I see your extra-blogville activities on google and the like. I have chosen not to alert you to these facts until now, but do not think for a moment that your actions are going on unnoticed. The fellow blogger is also aware of your presence here, and should they wish to know what exactly it is that you have been getting up to, they have only to ask. Unlike you however, my blog is not the only link they have to me, and there are numerous methods of contact outside blogerbia that may be employed by them, so do not assume that an absence of discussion of this subject in my comments thread means an absence of correspondence. It does not.

As proof of my knowledge, and a glimpse into its extent, i shall answer your recent query:

Honey is someone you dont want to fuck with. Particularly when her medication & treatment is causing cataclismic mood swings and PMS-like behaviour of mammoth proportions right now.

I dont have the patience for this shit. This is not my fight. Leave me out of it.

If you thought Israel overreacted, that bitch aint got shit on me, baby.

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