So just a quick note to those who are unaware:

  1. My blogroll is a work in progress
  2. Like most things I have “in progress” I do part of it, stop, and take 6 months to get back to it, do more, stop, take 6 months to get back to it, etc etc ad nauseum.
  3. I do not link my real-life friends, unless they ask to, or started as online friends
  4. Just because you have me on yours, does not mean I have to have you on mine, & vice versa
  5. Dont think adding/removing me bothers me – it doesnt, in fact, 2 ppl have done so recently & made a big fuss over it. To those 2 (who still read me anyway) I say: get over yourself
  6. I blogroll way less blogs than i read.
  7. Some blogs i read are too embarressing to admit to, & will never be blogrolled
  8. Shitloads of blogs i read/lurk etc on a regular basis are not included coz i havent got round to it yet. this means nothing besides the fact that im a slack arse
  9. Also, some ON my blogroll I no longer read yet havent removed – again, SLACK ARSE!
  10. A number of blogs I read for a while before blogrolling to see if i really like them. Some i stop reading before I get round to listing. Some stop being written shortly after i start reading (hey, did i do that? oops) And some change drastically (or else i come in and read them during them going through a phase). So many i read die before i get off my butt and list them.
  11. Some I only read off others’ blogrolls
  12. And one is so caught up with how many readers they have/blogrolls their on a refuse to list/advertise them purely out of spite. HA HA HA you smug bastard!

Hope that clears the air.

And oh yes, should anyone have any on THEIR blogroll they think I would like, email or comment me a link, yeah? Ta.

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