A Rose by Any Other Name

So Dickhead may just have a new name soon.

I said MAY.

We have a deal going on, where, IF he manages his end of the bargain, I have agreed to stop referring to him as Dickhead in front of everyone.

I did stipulate that the blog was not included in this deal, but as a tester to see if something else he said (a threat of his smart-arsedness as punishment if I lose a bet) I will offer him the opportunity to not be called Dickhead here either. HOWEVER…..

This offer needs to be accepted withing a reasonable time frame (as determined by me) as well as accepted by commenting here so I know it was Dickhead himself who accepted (coz I will see his IP on Statcounter) and the new title will be chosen by me (if hes very good he can have veto powers over a choice of 3)


As i said, babe – THAT will just never ever happen.


PS: Feel free to offer suggestions for the new name. Winner gets lots of kudos, but not much else!

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